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Dr. Bane has been studying the psychological effects of Coulrophobia (The Fear Of Clowns) for years, and has moved his studies to the legendary Alcatraz Island Prison!

Attend the demonstration of his new Chemical, C26, as he tests it on the world’s most dangerous inmates!

What could possibly go wrong?


For years, the infamous decrepit Shack in Huntington was surrounded by mystery, rumors, and suspicions from the townspeople. Everyone knew the stories of Old Man Traefor Daniels, the disappearances of the local kids, the rancid smells, and the screams. Thousands of complaints and concerns were filed with the local police department, but they just brushed it off as urban myths while letting it fall to the wayside. That is, until the Fall of 2017….Police received calls about a “crazed lunatic” running from the Shack. Within minutes, she was taken into custody and questioned. She introduced herself as Marilyn Jeffries, and had told authorities she was kidnapped…. by a scruffy, old man. She pleaded with the officers to listen to her about, “what was really going on,” before telling terrifying stories about the old man reading foreign text from a strange page, communicating with Alien Lifeforms, and using a “Strange electric device” to “mutate” a child – whom she presumed had also been kidnapped. Soon afterwards, she was rushed to the state hospital for her “lunatic ramblings,” but the shaken police department decided to send some new recruits to investigate the old Daniels house. What could REALLY be going on down there?


The Daniels once lived Among the townspeople of Huntington in the late 1800s. Working, Laboring. However, rumor has it, suspicions of their Activities rose before the townspeople exiled them to the woods, beyond the cemetery, outside the town limits. No one quite knows what happened to them,
any definitive proof of what transpired is gone, but the rumors still run strong. It’s time to explore the Daniels’ woods. And they’re hungry.

Alien Autopsy Escape Room

Dr. Bane is expanding his experiments with his aliens. You will be immersed into one of his laboratories, using clues to escape to get the systems back up and running so the aliens don’s expire. Hope the aliens don’t wake up, and make you into their experiment.
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